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Partner Program    Digital Storefronts Partner Program

Our partner program is a powerful set of tools and services that allow you to create affordable online store and shopping cart solutions for your customers.

The program is specifically designed for web developers, ISP's, portals, web hosting companies, and application service providers (ASP's). Becoming a DSF partner gives you access to all of our back-end services including use of our secure server ID.

Offer your customers:
  • Digital StoreFronts Pro - Full featured online store
  • InterCart™ - Stand alone shopping cart
  • Integrated real-time payment processing with direct deposit
  • Online merchant accounts - Easy account setup
  • Instant on line setup - Let the programm work for you!

Partner Program    Developer Tools and Services

  • Secure administration site
  • StoreFronts Creation wizard
  • Copy and Paste Code Samples
  • Account management tools
  • Free Web Site
  • Marketing Tips and Materials

2 ways to generate monthly income!
1) Create the stores yourself
Web developers can create custom web sites that easily integrate with any of the Digital StoreFronts services. This gives developers more control over the entire project.

2) Let your customers create their own store
The Digital Storefronts Creation Wizard completely automates the setup process and walks your customers through a step-by-step setup process that creates their stores in real-time. That means you can offer a completely automated e-commerce system.

How does it work and how much does it cost?
The program is FREE! We are currently offering our partner program services with No Setup Fees, No Contracts, and No Monthly Fees. You will not be charged to setup this account. You are only charged for the stores and shopping cart programs that you sell. You will be charged $10.00 per month for each InterCart account and $25.00 per month for each Digital StoreFronts Pro account. You can charge your customers any price you want. There are no price restrictions.

We will not bill your new accounts for 30 days. This allows you to advertise a Risk-Free 30 day trial period and allow your customers to try the program before they decide to buy.

DSF Partner Registration Form

Monthly Residual Income!
You make 100% Profit on each account you setup. Every Month! We bill you monthly for each Digital StoreFronts Pro or InterCart™ account that you setup.

Digital StoreFronts Pro
store pricing
InterCart Shopping Cart
100% Profit

Digital StoreFronts Administration Site
We have made managing your e-commerce business an easy task. The Partner Administration Site provides an easy to use interface for managing your accounts. The administration site includes a complete billing center that tells you who needs to be billed, when, and how much to charge them.

FREE Web Site!
As a Digital StoreFronts partner, you receive a FREE custom Web site with your company name, logo, and pricing information. Our name does not appear on this site. Use your free site to promote your new e-commerce services and to allow your customers to order securely. This site includes demos of Digital StoreFronts Pro and InterCart shopping cart programs and allows your customers to order directly from your site.

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DSF Partner Registration Form

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